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Dovydas Vitkauskas, the Team Leader of EU Project “Support to Justice Sector Reforms in Ukraine”, has participated in the conference “Competition to the New Supreme Court: Good Practices, Lessons Learned and Prospects”. Initiated by the USAID New Justice Programme, the event is taking place on 24-25 October in Kyiv.

The participants to the conference discuss results and lessons learned in the process of selecting justices for the new Supreme Court, identify legislative and regulatory gaps related to judicial selection and qualifications evaluation processes, factors ensuring the greatest level integrity and objectivity in decision making, as well as the first experience of civic activists’ participation in assisting the High Qualification Commission of Judges of Ukraine in establishing candidate’s compliance with professional ethics and integrity criteria.

“The EU Project has had a privilege to take a very active part in the process of selection of the judges for the Supreme Court of Ukraine. We were involved with the High Qualification Commission and other stakeholders in the development of testing database, practical exercises, and psychological testing of candidates. All these elements played a crucial role in the final assessment of candidates, helping reduce the discretion of HQC to reasonable limits, and promote truly transparent and merits-based selection,” – noted Dovydas Vitkauskas.

He reaffirmed the readiness of the EU Project to continue supporting HQC in the ongoing processes of selection of candidates for judges at 1st instance, and the ongoing re-evaluation of current 1,000 judges, building on the experience gained during the Supreme Court selection.