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On July 29, the first meeting of the Working Group on Development of Proposals for the Prosecution Reform Strategy took place at the General Prosecutor’s Office of Ukraine. The meeting was organized within the EU-funded project “Support to Justice Sector Reforms in Ukraine”.

The high officials of the General Prosecutor’s Office of Ukraine, the experts of “Support to Justice Sector Reforms in Ukraine Project”, the representatives of civil society organizations, the Ministry of Justice, Higher Specialized Court of Ukraine, higher education institutions and the CoE participated in the event. Vitaliy Yarema, the General Prosecutor of Ukraine, stressed an importance of the prosecution reform and building of the society based on the European values. “I would like to express a gratitude to the European Union and the Council of Europe for supporting these efforts and assisting our lawyers who worked with he draft law on reforms”, – noted the General Prosecutor.

Vitaliy Yarema called upon the EU experts and other members of the Working Group to pay attention tonecessity of defining the place and the role of the prosecution taking into account the European standards and current situation in Ukraine. Loic Guerin, Key Expert, “Support to Justice Sector Reforms in Ukraine”, informed the participants about the project goals aimed at development of the justice system reform strategy. The strategy will be developed by working groups established within five components of the project, which include prosecution, judiciary, advocacy, police and anti-corruption sectors. Loic Gurein stressed an importance of a task to be fulfilled by the Working Group and spoke on expectation that development and implementation of reforms would result in a confidence raising towards the prosecution system. He presented the workgroup plan and encouraged the participants to get involved into the process of defining priorities to ensure efficient performance of the Working Group. Volodymyr Stretovych, Top Aide to the General Prosecutor of Ukraine and the leader of the Working Group, said that involvement of the civil society and international organizations, as well as the key elements of the justice sector, will ensure impartiality, professionalism and efficiency of the Working Group performance. The meeting was concluded by decision to further define directions for immediate reforms in the prosecution system.