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European partners provide significant support to and allocate considerable funds for the reform of public administration, said the First Deputy Minister of Justice of Ukraine Ms. Natalia Sevostianova when presenting the successful candidates of the open competition for the positions of the  heads of Directorates General of the Ministry of Justice selected within the framework of the public administration reform.

It envisages establishment of directorates and structural units designed to ensure and coordinate the course of democratic transformations in Ukraine. Eight hundred candidates are supposed to be selected through open competition procedures by the end of the year. The Cabinet of Ministers reports that it has received 10000 applications and encourages more candidates to apply. So far, 42 candidates have been selected to fill the positions of Directors General and Experts.

On November 2, 2017, the Ministry of Justice was the first to introduce new heads of ministerial departments. Iuliia Zaichenko and Vladyslav Vlasiuk, who respectively are set to l lead of the Directorate for Strategic Planning and European Integration f and the Directorate for Human Rights, Access to Justice and Legal Awareness. The EU Project “Support to Justice Sector Reforms in Ukraine” has been closely involved in the preparation and oversight of the relevant competition.

The newly-created Directorates General would contribute to depoliticising the policy-making process as part of the wider reform undertaken by the Cabinet of Ministers.

The new Directors General have noticeable experience in their respective areas, and promise to do their best to promote the reforms in Ukraine. In her statement Ms. Iulia Zaichenko, highlighted:

“I find it very promising that the Directorate will lead a full cycle of strategic planning and management. In particular, we will be able to predict reliability of indicators, monitor them, and assess their impact. Thus, we will apply all typical performance and assessment indicators required for the evaluation of public policy. Proposals developed by the Directorate will be mandatory for consideration by each of the structural units. Thus, it is a real opportunity to assess each document produced by the Ministry against the policy program documents, the EU – Ukraine Association Agreement, and the international commitments of Ukraine”.

“Thanks to the European partners, the new managers will be paid even better than the Deputy Ministers,” said the First Deputy Minister of Justice Ms. Nataliia Sevostiianova.

“The European partners themselves praised the professional approach to the selection procedure,” underlined the Deputy State Secretary of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine Ms. Tetiana Kovtun.