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23 November 2017

Challenges, achievements and prospects of the Justice Sector Reforms in Ukraine to be discussed by legal professionals and experts

What are the main achievements in the process of Justice Sector Reforms? How the EU is supporting the full reset of Ukrainian judiciary system? These issues will be discussed on 23 November at the conference that will host top representatives of the Ukrainian judiciary and justice system, as well as the experts from the EU Member States. The conference will provide more practical impact and…
08 November 2017

Round table “Competition in the Intellectual Property High Court”

The Ukrainian Bar Association (UBA) in a partnership with the EU Project “Support to Justice Sector Reforms in Ukraine” and the High Qualification Commission of Judges of Ukraine (HQCJ) will hold a round table to discuss the issues of selection of the candidates for vacant positions of judges in the Intellectual Property High Court. The participants will include representatives of HQCJ, the…
31 October 2017

The International Conference “Private Enforcement Officers’ Self-Governance: European Practices to Set Up Ukrainian System”

The Ministry of Justice of Ukraine together with the USAID New Justice Program, OSCE Project Coordinator in Ukraine, the European Union Project “Support to Justice Reform in Ukraine”, the Commercial Law Center, the German Foundation for International Legal Cooperation (IRZ), and the International Development Law Organization will hold the international conference “Private Enforcement…
31 July 2017

Roundtables on the Enforcement System Reform and Private Enforcement Officers Activities will be Held in Odesa and Kharkiv

The European Union project “Support to Justice Sector Reforms in Ukraine”, together with the Ukrainian Bar Association and the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine invite to take part in the round tables devoted to the discussion of the enforcement system reform issues for the enforcement of judgments and PEOs activities. Within the framework of the event, the following two blocks will be…
05 July 2017

First PEOs will receive their licences on the 7th of July

This Friday, July 7, the solemn awarding with the licences of private enforcement officers will take place for those who have successfully passed the qualification exam. Beginning at 10 a.m. at: Kiyv, 73, Sichovyh Striltsiv St, second floor, “marble hall” More…
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March 2015
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EU Project Assists Ukrainian Advocates in Developing Declaration to Protect Human Rights

The Ukrainian National Bar Association, Association of Advocates of Ukraine, and Ukrainian Bar Association have announced a joint initiative to develop the Declaration of Criminal Justice Reforms.

The objectives of the Declaration are to protect human rights in the criminal justice system and protect the working privileges of advocates.

The Declaration will be used by advocates for outreach to official parties, civil society, and the media to protect human rights and respect the work of advocates, and to establish remedies for violations.

The Declaration is not a juridical document. This is a concise statement of key principles which need to be enforced, according to Ukrainian law and international standards which are applicable in Ukraine.

Daily practice in the criminal justice system does not fully respect Ukrainian law or European standards. This is why the Ukrainian professional associations of lawyers and advocates have decided to develop a single document which summarizes the position of advocates regarding key required changes, and serve as a tool for changing practice.

This document serve as an instrument enabling the general public to learn about shortcomings in the criminal justice system and mobilize in favor of criminal justice reforms on the basis of outreach by advocates.

EU Project Ukrainian Advocates Human Rights Developing Declaration Ukrainian

The Declaration is now being put through a consultative process involving advocates from all regions of Ukraine. Finalization and ratification of the document is expected in June 2015.

Lidia Izovitova, President of the Ukrainian National Bar Association, expressed her gratitude to the experts of the EU Project “Support to Justice Sector Reforms in Ukraine” for their contribution to development of the Declaration. “The judicial system should act according to the rules, and in this Declaration we are raising the issue of its independence. We believe this document will bring to a higher level the issue of human rights protection in courts”, – said Lidia Izovitova.  

In the opinion of Denys Bugay, President of the Ukrainian Bar Association, the Declaration will be a step forward towards protection of human rights and called upon lawyers to join the process of discussions.

“Civil society strengthening is impossible without a proper judiciary and advocacy”, – said Oleg Chernobay, Head of the NGO “Association of Advocates of Ukraine”, – “This Declaration may become a bridge between civil society and advocates”.

“Justice starts with good laws, and it needs to be done and seen to be done in practice”. This Declaration is an instrument for implementation of the legal framework for the criminal justice sector”, – says Mark Segal, Key Expert of EU Project “Support to Justice Sector Reforms in Ukraine”. He stressed that the first draft of the Declaration is a result from many events where Ukrainian lawyers and advocates had spoken. “Putting the Declaration into practice and making it into a valuable tool are the obligation of Ukrainian advocates”, – noted Mark Segal.

EU Project Ukrainian Advocates Human Rights Developing Declaration Ukrainian



EU Project supports reform of the enforcement service in Ukraine

On 24 March, the Round Table Reform on Enforcement System in Ukraine was held at the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine.

The event was organized by the EU Project “Support to Justice Sector Reforms in Ukraine” in cooperation with the Ukrainian Ministry of Justice.

The Round Table aimed to provide strategic advice to the Ukrainian policy-makers on appropriate mechanisms for gradual introduction of the private enforcement system, by reference to the EU member states and regional comparative best practices.

“The judicial reform in Ukraine which is among top priorities is impossible without reform of the enforcement service. This is why European experience will be useful for us and we are ready to discuss various enforcement service models”, – noted Serhiy Shklyar, Deputy Minister of Justice of Ukraine, at the opening session.

The participants were the representatives of the Ministry of Justice, State Enforcement Service and non-governmental organizations. They discussed the issues of reform of the enforcement system in Ukraine, privatisation of justice sector services, normative and legal acts related to the enforcement system reform, evocation and complaint procedures by private and state enforcement services.

The experts from France, Bulgaria and Serbia presented examples of the private and mixed enforcement systems in their home countries.

MinJust_24.03_1 MinJust_24.03

Judges and Legal Professionals Discuss Judicial Reform in the European Integration Process of Ukraine

On March 19, ІІІ International Judicial Forum “Judicial Reform in Ukraine: European Vector” kicked off at the Supreme Court of Ukraine.

The EU Project “Support to Justice Sector Reforms in Ukraine” co-organized this event in cooperation with the Supreme Court of Ukraine, weekly edition “Legal Practice” and Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv.

The participants of the Forum are Ukrainian judges, representatives of legislative and executive branches of power, Ukrainian and international legal experts, as well as the scholars for the leading Ukrainian universities.  They discussed the impact of the Association Agreement between the EU and Ukraine on the judicial system, the European integration experience of other countries, improvement of the Ukrainian judicial system efficiency and necessity to reform its institutions, as well as the legal practice and problem issues with exercising the rights in various jurisdictions.

“Integration into the European structures is a strategic choice of Ukraine. The Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU determines new cooperation format based on principles of the political and the economic integration,” – said Yaroslav Romanyuk, President of the Supreme Court of Ukraine. According to him, harmonization of the Ukrainian legislation in compliance with the EU standards plays a key role in the integration process. Ukraine has committed to strengthen cooperation with the EU in the justice sector. Special focus will be on strengthening independence of the judicial system”, – noted Yaroslav Romanyuk.

When addressing the Forum participants, Oksana Ivanchenko, the Deputy Minister of Justice of Ukraine, stressed that the state had no future without reforms. She mentioned that the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU envisaged building fair trial system in Ukraine. We already sense significant EU support in the process of the judicial reform through implementation of the ProjectSupport to JusticeSector Reforms in Ukraine”. The Project team has been actively involved in development of the justice sector reform strategy and activities of theCouncil on judicial reform under the President of Ukraine”, – said the Deputy Justice Minister.

“Ukraine has already made certain steps towards bringing judicial system closer to the European standards. For instance, the Council of Judges of Ukraine developed and approved the Ukrainian Judiciary Development Strategy in 2015-2020, – said Virgilijus Valancius, Team Leader of the EU Project “Support to Justice Sector Reforms in Ukraine”, – “Coordination and cooperation among the stakeholders involved in the justice system is a key to success in bringing Ukrainian judiciary closer to the European standards. Judicial system is just one element out of the justicesector mosaic. Much work to be done ahead for all of us”. 




International Judicial and Legal Forum “Judiciary Reform in Ukraine: European vector”

Date: 19-20 March 2015 

Place: Supreme Court of Ukraine (8, Pylyp Orlyk Str., Klovsky Palace)


  • Supreme Court of Ukraine
  • EU Project “Support to Justice Sector Reforms in Ukraine”
  • Newspaper “Yuridychna Praktyka” (Legal Practice)
  • National Academy of Legal Studies of Ukraine

The invited participants are:

  • international legal experts from Finland, Lithuania, Poland and other states, members of the task force on developing the EU/Ukraine Association Agreement;r
  • representatives of the judiciary;
  • MPs;
  • partners of the top legal firms;
  • advocates;
  • prosecutors;
  • scholars

Virgilijus Valancius, Team Leader of the EU Project “Support to Justice Sector Reforms in Ukraine”, was quoted in the article published by popular American news reporting website The Daily Beast

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