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In the law of 04 August 2015 on the National Police, Ukraine decided to transfer to the State Judicial Administration the task of ensuring the protection of the courts, judges, and persons involved into criminal justice process, their families and their property.


This mission, previously performed by the Griffon unit of the Ministry of Interior of Ukraine, will be provided by the Court Guard Service, new state agency having the status of legal entity.

To assist and advise the SJA administration in the creation of this new service, the EU “Project Support to Justice Sector Reforms in Ukraine” has engaged the expert Michel Gerber who has worked closely with the representatives of the working group set up by the SJA together with the MoI.


Together, they examined different stages of the creation of the Court Guard Service in the legal and practical spheres, checked for compliance with the current laws, held assessment of the number of required positions, drafted the criteria for recruitment and training, assessed the necessary equipment, checked for correspondence to European practices, etc.

The next step will include the development of the Action Plan, after the basic texts have been signed by the head of the SJA and properly registered.