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On September 30, 2015 the EU Project “Support to the Justice Sector Reform in Ukraine” jointly with the Ministry of Justice and the State Penitentiary Service of Ukraine organized the roundtable «Enshrining the probation institute in the national laws». The event focused on discussing the ways to properly implement the Law of Ukraine “On Probation” and certain matters of pre-trial probation.  

The roundtable brought together the representatives of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, the Office of Prosecutor General of Ukraine, the High Specialized Civil and Criminal Court of Ukraine, the National School of Judges of Ukraine, the Criminal Probation Inspection of the State Penitentiary System of Ukraine and AGRITeam Canada.


Natalia Kozlovska, Director of Governmental Liaison and Information Analytics Department of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine expressed her appreciation to the EU Project “Support to the Justice Sector Reform in Ukraine” for active support to the probation system model development. She emphasized the need to develop the implementation mechanisms for the new Law of Ukraine “On Probation”.  These are, in particular, pre-trial probation and pre-trial report preparation matters.

Participants discussed the proposals on improving the draft Law of Ukraine “On Amending Certain Legislative Acts of Ukraine with regard to Enforcement of Criminal Punishments and Exercise of the Convicts’ Rights”, as well as gravity category determination for the crimes subject to pre-trial probation in form of preparing the pre-trial report upon the court’s request.


“The key aim of the probation service is to prevent future offenses. In the context of probation the EU countries focus on the three key aspects – social debt repayment by offenders, reintegration or resocialization of the offenders and protection of citizens against repetition of crime», said David Perry, probation expert of the  EU Project “Support to the Justice Sector Reform in Ukraine”. As an example he cited the English experience, where the probation system reform reduced reconvictions from 55 to 49%. This 6% decrease is still as much as 1,000,000 cases a year.

Based on the roundtable, the recommendations on amending the draft Law of Ukraine No. 2490а to the extent of the probation institute implementation will be transferred to the Parliamentary Committee on the Legal Support of Law Enforcement.