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Adis Hodzic, the Project’s expert, works closely with the institutions of the Ukrainian judiciary, as well as the Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine, to build performance management tools using scientific methods applied in advanced judicial administrations of Austria, Norway, Germany, the Netherlands. Such methods are based on the dimensions of time, cost efficiency and quality.

Dimension of time is usually covered with indicators related to average time for case processing. Cost efficiency should be addressed in order to establish functional judicial system in Ukraine capable of allocating human and financial resources based on the actual workload and performance data available in the courts. Quality is addressed in the relative percentage of canceled or changed court decisions at higher instance courts. 

The entire planning and budgeting framework should be result and not only cost oriented.

“Ukraine’s justice sector institutions need to establish quantitative performance management system to explain why the money is being spent. For example, budget of specific court would not be determined by number of employees but by number of cases solved or quality of service provided to citizens,” – notes Adis Hodzic.

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