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Building on the positive experience after the open recruitment of the heads and deputy heads of the Local Prosecutors’ Offices, the EU Project “Support to Justice Sector Reforms in Ukraine” has been involved in the recruitment process of anticorruption prosecutors by providing the GPO with the general skills tests.

On the testing day, which took place on 10 November 2015, the candidates had to demonstrate some of the basic skills that are taken for granted. They had from 9 to 12 minutes to complete the tasks.

The verbal reasoning test measures candidates’ ability to interpret verbal information and reach the right conclusions – a skill that is essential for anyone working in the communication of ideas or the understanding of written information. The test consists of 15 questions based on passages of text.

The numerical reasoning test is designed to measure a candidate’s ability to analyse and draw conclusions from numerical information. The test consists of 12 questions based on information presented in tables.

The logical reasoning test is designed to assess how candidates analyze abstract information and apply this to determine outcomes and patterns – an important skill for roles that involve complex problem-solving. This test consists of 12 questions based on an incomplete series of symbols.

The pass mark was 38/99.

223 persons invited to the testing, 2 persons didn’t show up.

128 people passed to the next stage, 23 among them were women, 11 people – external candidates (not from Prosecution office)

Number of candidates for the positions of:
– the Head: 24
– 1st deputy: 4
– Deputy: 5
– Head of department: 14
– Head of Unit: 66

Online recording of the meeting of the selection panel which met today at 18:30: