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On 25 April, the EU Project “Support to Justice Sector Reforms in Ukraine” and the Ukrainian Bar Association (UBA), in cooperation with the High Council of Justice and High Qualifications Commission of Judges, organized the Round table “Disciplinary liability of the judges in Ukraine: problems, prospects, the European experience”.

Participants of the event have discussed a dismissal of judges after breach of oath, criteria for choice of disciplinary sanctions and role of the applicant in the disciplinary process.

Speaking at the opening session of the event, Denys Bugay, the UBA President, noted that the purpose of efforts aimed to increase efficiency of disciplinary liabilities of judges is a guarantee of the independence of judiciary and imminence of penalty in the case of violations.

Arturas Driukas, EU Project expert and the judge of the Court of Appeal of Lithuania, presented the European experience and prospects for Ukraine in the process of implementation of the disciplinary procedures. In his words: “Each legal system requires disciplinary liability for judges. Such regulation is instrumental for setting up behavior standards for representatives of the judiciary. At the same time, a society should understand that disciplinary sanctions should not violate an independence of the judiciary”.

The next discussion of the disciplinary liability of judges is scheduled for 28 April in Lviv. This event is part of the series of activities organized within the frame of EU Project and UBA joint long-term initiative “Efficiency of judiciary disciplinary bodies”.