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Çàñåäàíèå Ïëåíóìà Âåðõîâíîãî Ñóäà Óêðàèíû

The EU Project “Support to Justice Sector Reforms in Ukraine” supported the International Workshop “Judicial Lawmaking in the Mechanism of Safeguarding the Rule of Law in the Context of Judicial Reform” that took place on 24-25 November in Kyiv.

The main purpose of the event was discuss the issues of judicial law-making as a special activity of courts in the process of administration of justice, broadening of the sources of law and force of the principles of law in contemporary understanding of law, and international experience of introduction and development of the judicial law-making in different legal systems.

The participants to the workshop were the judges of the Supreme Court of Ukraine, higher specialized courts, presidents of the courts of appeal, academics, representatives of civil society organizations, and international experts, including Rimvydas Norkus, the President of the Supreme Court of Lithuania, and Virgilijus Valancius, Judge of the European Union General Court.