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The EU Project “Support to Justice Sector Reforms in Ukraine” continues to support the National Prosecution Academy of Ukraine through provision of the training seminar “Effective communication to build confidence in the criminal justice system”. This undertaking is a part of a series of trainings for the newly appointed leadership of local prosecutions. The objective is to develop skills of efficient media and public relation skills; to learn how to deliver objective information about activities of the PPOs. The seminar was conducted by experienced media-trainers Lyudmila Gumenyuk and Leonid Lazebny.

The participants have learned in details about various types of communications, normative requirements to public speeches for prosecutors on the issues related to the criminal proceedings and judicial practice. Besides, they have been trained how to write information notes, answer the question at interviews. In particular, how to analyze given TV interviews in order to formulate better messages and how to use all available outreach instruments.

Communication training_Leonid