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The EU Project “Support to Justice Sector Reforms in Ukraine” continues activities to assist Ukrainian counterparts with the issues related to uniformity of judicial practice.

Rymvidas Norkus, President of the Supreme Court of Lithuania, and Aurimas Brazdeikis, Advisor to President of the Supreme Court of Lithuania, have been involved by the EU Project to provide expertise in this area.

On 04-06 April, Aurimas Brazdeikis visited Kyiv with a fact-finding mission. He met with the representatives of the Supreme Court of Ukraine, High Specialized Court of Ukraine for Civil and Criminal Cases, High Commercial Court and High Administrative Court. The expert also had a meeting with the practicing lawyers.

In the course of the meetings, Aurimas Brazdeikis discussed the mechanisms for provision of the uniformity of judicial practice, as well as an interpretation of the ECHR verdicts at the national level.

Presence of courts of different jurisdictions in Ukraine causes a problem of various interpretations for particular legal norms. Solution of this problem envisages an implementation of legislative amendments and informal mechanisms in order to unify judicial practices. Uniformity of judicial practice is a significant part of Ukraine’s judiciary reform process aimed to bring it in a compliance with European standards.