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From 12th to 16th of June EU Project “Support to Justice Sector Reforms in Ukraine” conducted an expert mission aimed at providing support to the Ministry of Justice on the development of self-governance system of Private Enforcement Officers (PEOs).

Project Experts Damir Site (Serbian) and Katilin Popov (Bulgarian) are assisting in development of Charter of PEO Association, drafting procedural guidelines for the new self-governance body, and the PEO Code of Ethics basing on best European Practices. The main task is to assist the Ministry in the creation of a strong PEO self-governance body, an important condition for more effective operations of PEOs and the prevention of abuse.

The Experts met first Ukrainian private enforcement officers during the visit. Ukrainian PEOs had an opportunity to learn about the experience of their colleagues from other jurisdictions in running the office, creation of effective self-governance, enforcement of particular types of cases, interaction with State authorities and other practical issues.

Messrs Site and Popov conducted a range of meetings with other Ukrainian partners, including the President of Notary Chamber of Ukraine, members of Board of the Ukrainian Bar Association etc.