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On 4 July, the first meeting of the working group for development of bylaws for the new High Council of Justice took place. The experts Arturas Driukas and Yulia Zemslytska participated in the meeting on a behalf of the EU Project “Support to Justice Sector Reforms in Ukraine”.

Participants to the meeting exchanged their views on the novelties contained in the draft law “On the High Council of Justice” developed by the Judiciary Reform Council under the President of Ukraine. Arturas Driukas pointed at significant progress with implementation of legislative amendments in the justice sector of Ukraine.

The working group also discussed relevance of implementation of the adversarial principles in a disciplinary process, as well as a scope of rights of an appellant and a judge; appeals against decisions of the disciplinary chambers of the High Council of Justice and ensuring the right for defence; relevance of more precise deadlines for regulation of the discip linary cases.