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The EU Project “Support to Justice Sector Reforms in Ukraine” continues its efforts aimed at strengthening capacities of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine (MOJ) to improve accessible and affordable electronic services. As a part of these efforts, the Project has engaged experts from the Lithuanian Centre of Registers to assist MOJ and its daughter information services company, NAIS, to develop regulatory framework, software and hardware for the integrated information system of enforcement.


On 25-26 October 2016, Lithuanian experts presented to their Ukrainian peers their best practice – recognised by Work Bank among the 3 leading systems of its kind in the World – which enables freezing of all bank accounts of any debtor in real time, allows enforcement officers to automatically place restrictions on all other debtor assets (real property, cars etc.), and permits sharing of information about all debtors and their obligations by banks, tax authorities, and other creditors.

Ukraine is currently undergoing a significant reform of the enforcement service, gradually privatising the service in order to increase efficiency and accessibility.


To ensure further consolidation of these joint efforts, the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, NAIS and Lithuanian Centre of Registers signed a Memorandum of Understanding. This document will serve as a policy basis for coordination of actions aimed at maximising Ukraine’s potential in the process of development of sustainable integrated information systems and registers in particular, and e-Government in general.