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The EU funded Project “Support to Justice Sector Reform in Ukraine” continues its cooperation with Ukrainian stakeholders for implementation of the probation system.

During the last week, David Perry, the International Expert of the Project on probation and Iryna Zharonkina, the National Expert of the Project, had meetings with the administrations of the High Specialized Court of Ukraine and the National Scholl of Judges of Ukraine.

On September 21, the meeting with the Deputy Head of the HSCU Stanislav Kravchenko was held, the latter informed the Project Experts about the powers of the cassation court, the court’s scientific activity, the HSC judges’ activity in the High Council of Justice, the Council of Judges of Ukraine and the High Qualification Commission of Judges of Ukraine, organization of international cooperation and measures undertaken by the court to improve access to justice for the citizens. According to Stanislav Kravchenko, if the newly adopted Law “On probation” is implemented in practice, the courts will have the overall characteristics on a person being brought to criminal liability.

On September 23, during the meeting with the Pro-rector of the National School of Judges of Ukraine Nataliya Shuklina, implementation of probation issues to the curricula was discussed. It was stated the series of novelties, including drafting by the probation body of the pre-trial report on the accused that will be submitted to the court with the purpose of making a court decision on the liability and respectively punishment and application of probation. The representatives of the EU Project and the NSJU agreed on the joint development of the booklet on application of probation in criminal justice and of the curriculum for judges on the aforementioned topic.

Pursuant to the adoption of the Law of Ukraine “On Probation” on February 5, 2015, creation of the new probation system became a priority in the framework of the wider Justice Sector Reform Strategy 2015‑2020. The EU funded Project “Support to Justice Sector Reform in Ukraine” provides Ukrainian partners with strategic advice on development of the proper probation system model.

Information at the official websites of the Higher Specialized Court of Ukraine and the National School of Judges of Ukraine