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On June 17, 2016 in Lviv the regular session of the Regional Justice Sector Reform Council was held to discuss the next steps of the enforcement reform implementation. The event was organized under the initiative of the EU Project “Support to the Justice Sector Reform in Ukraine” in partnership with the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine and Lviv regional department of the Ukrainian Bar Association.

This was the first expert session participated by the representatives of the judiciary, regional justice bodies, the bar and the banking sector after on June 02 of this year the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine approved in the second reading and as the basis the draft laws of Ukraine “On the Bodies and Persons Carrying out the Enforcement of Court and Other Decisions” and “On Enforcement” on the privatization of the enforcement services.

Dovydas Vitkauskas, Coordinator of the EU Project “Support to the Justice Sector Reforms in Ukraine”, presented to the participants the best practices of the enforcement services reform in the European countries.

Kostiantyn Silkin, First Deputy Director of the State Enforcement Department of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine told about the next stages of work in the process of the enforcement reform: “The Ministry of Justice is completely open to cooperation with all governmental and non-governmental services and specialists to implement the mixed enforcement system in Ukraine,” – he said.

According to Ruslan Sydorovych, member of Parliament of Ukraine, member of the Parliamentary Committee on Legal Policy and Justice, there are high hopes for the free competition factor between the state and the private enforcement services.

Special attention was paid to the “mixed” enforcement system in Bulgaria considered to be a model for Ukraine. Katilin Popov, expert of the EU Project “Support to the Justice Sector Reforms in Ukraine”, presented the relevant Bulgarian and European experience.

The banking community representatives pointed out to the problems related to the sale of land plots and the operation of the СЕТАМ electronic trading system, etc.

Representatives of the judiciary raised the matters of the judicial control over court decisions enforcement.

EU Project “Support to the Justice Sector Reform in Ukraine” from the very beginning had been helping Ukrainian partners to create the new private enforcer profession within the judiciary sector of Ukraine. Further support of the reform is one of the Project tasks for the future.

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