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During the past two days, the results of the first competition to the Supreme Court were discussed in Kharkiv and Dnipro.

Such regional meetings have been a continuation of the important educational work of active lawyers, academics and international organizations on an important stage of judicial reform.

Present lawyers discussed the prospects of the functioning of the new Supreme Court, the role in the testing of personal moral and psychological qualities and general abilities of candidates, provided suggestions on determining the professional qualities of candidates during the exam. Presence of the contestants and a member of High Qualification Commission of Judges (HQCJ) made it possible to feel from the inside the peculiarities of the contest process and hear about personal impressions from the interviews.

“I believe that respect for the person and his dignity should be the main leitmotiv in the work of both the executive and the judiciary branches of government. In particular, the Commission used this approach during the competition to the Supreme Court and directly during interviews with the candidates. At present, the Commission analyzes all procedures for improvement, based on the experience gained during the contest, as well as the existing comments and suggestions”, said Taras Lukash, a member of the HQCJ. He also added that the Commission will continue to do its utmost to improve its procedures and expects, instead, an increase of those wishing to take part in further competitions, especially among lawyers and scholars.