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The recent approval of the Justice Sector Reform Strategy and Action Plan by the Justice Reform Council under the President of Ukraine requires increasing of the role of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine (MOJ) in the process of implementation of the reform.

EU Project “Support to Justice Sector Reforms in Ukraine” continues to assist MoJ with strengthening its institutional capacities. On 25 May, Gintaras Svedas, the visiting expert of the EU Project, arrived in Kyiv with the mission aimed to strengthen the MoJ role in the administration of justice as well as in developing and coordinating policies for the justice sectore reforms.


During his five-day visit, Gintaras Svedas is meeting with the leadership of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine and its departments. His main tasks include screening the role of MoJ in its key competences; strengthening strategic planning, analytical and research capabilities at MoJ; improving the role of the MoJ at the operational level of the justice sector reform coordination mechanism.