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On August 29, a round table devoted to the discussion on the enforcement  reform and the establishment of the institution of private enforcement officers (PEOs) was held at the Lviv Economic Court.

As the head of the Lviv Economic Court of Appeal Dmitry Plotnitsky noted: «The issue of enforcement of judgments is important first of all for the judges themselves, since the purpose of any court will be achieved only if the court decision is executed».

According to Konstantin Silkin, Deputy Head of the Enforcement Service Department, enforcement of court decisions is currently only 4-7% in economic jurisdiction. The Ministry of Justice places its special hopes on the PEOs, as the state system often has lack of motivation, skills and efficiency.

Dovydas Vitkauskas, Team Leader of the EU Project «Support to Justice Sector Reforms in Ukraine», said: «In order to achieve the highest efficiency of the enforcement system, it is necessary to consider the question of equalizing the status of private and state enforcement officers and gradual transition to the private enforcement».

According to the Project Expert Damir Site (Serbia), the key to successful enforcement system of is, first of all, an effective law, regulating PEOs activity and providing access to the debtor’s property.

In addition, the following questions were discussed during the round table: judicial control over the enforcement of judgments, PEOs remuneration , the status of the assistant to the PEO, advance payments, transfer of enforcement proceedings from state to private enforcement officer, establishment of the PEOs Association.

The event was organized in cooperation with the Ukrainian Bar Association and with the support of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine. It was attended by the judges, representatives of the Ministry of Justice and territorial administration of the State Enforcement Service, PEOs, lawyers, representatives of legal professions intending to join the profession.

As of today, 10 people have received certificates of private enforcement officers in the Lviv region, 6 of them are included to the register of PEOs.