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Component One: Justice Sector Reform Strategy

The Justice Sector Reform Strategy and Action Plan (JSRSAP) 2015-2020 foresee a wide-ranging reform of the justice sector of Ukraine. It is the key policy document outlining the fundamental principles, objectives, directions, priorities of the reform, while suggesting an overall roadmap and framework for its implementation. Annual Implementation Plans (AIPs) under this policy serve to itemise and prioritise some of the JSRSAP interventions. The Judicial Reform Council (JRC) under the Administration of President acts as a policy-setting body in the above policy formulation and implementation.

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Component Two: Support to the Ministry of Justice

Component 2 is intended to support the Ministry of Justice (MOJ). More than 2 years ago, the Project conducted a strategic screening of the Ministry, which served as a basis for its restructuring. The work is continuing by way of the development of the Ministry’s strategic planning capacities, and the creation of the General Directorates to consolidate the policy-making role in the different areas (legal awareness, public law, private law, rule of law etc.). It is also intended to improve the ability of the Ministry to act as an operational arm of the Judicial Reform Council (JRC).

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