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The Justice Sector Reform Strategy and Action Plan (JSRSAP) 2015-2020 foresee a wide-ranging reform of the justice sector of Ukraine. It is the key policy document outlining the fundamental principles, objectives, directions, priorities of the reform, while suggesting an overall roadmap and framework for its implementation. Annual Implementation Plans (AIPs) under this policy serve to itemise and prioritise some of the JSRSAP interventions. The Judicial Reform Council (JRC) under the Administration of President acts as a policy-setting body in the above policy formulation and implementation.

Component 1 the Project supports strengthening of leadership in driving the sector reform and legislative initiatives, improves budgeting and financial management capacities, deals with communication and public relations (PR), moves towards more supportive and development-oriented (rather than prescriptive and inspection-oriented) self-regulation and management, seek more effective ways of measuring accountability and quality of justice, improves access to justice and uniformity of case-law. Equally important is the task to advance strategic planning and implementation, including reporting, monitoring and evaluation (M&E) frameworks, in order to ensure that relevant institutional, organisational, and capacity-building measures in JSRSAP and AIPs are taken into account and attained fully.

In this respect, the Project is supporting competitions to the new Supreme Court and other selection processes to judicial posts, making sure that judges are evaluated and promoted on the basis of the same, transparent, merits-based, score-based criteria. The Project is also playing a role in establishing strategic planning units at the High Council of Justice, Ministry of Justice and other sector institutions. Further support is being led to the judiciary self-governance system to improve the existing ethical and disciplinary framework. Moreover, performance standards and monitoring procedures are being developed for the judiciary and other justice institutions, to make sure the sector focuses on providing better and more efficient service to the users, while being able to both measure its results and allocate resources properly.